How to Use

WAKAYAMA FREE Wi-Fi can be accessed through the browser on your device, or through the smartphone app.

  • ※The screen may look different on your device.

Connecting with your browser

Device settings

  • 1Tap “Settings”
    on your home screen.

  • 2Select “Wi-Fi”
    and turn it on.

  • 3Select an SSID beginning with
    from the list of networks.

Launch browser/Register email address

  • 4Launch your browser and select
    “Use the Internet”

  • 5Read the Terms of Use and select
    “I agree”.

  • 6Enter your email address
    and select“Connect”.

    You are now connected.

  • ※Launch your browser and select “Use the Internet”.
    Note: The instructions will appear in English at launch, but can be changed to Japanese, Chinese (traditional or simplified), Korean, or Thai.

Connecting with the app ("Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi")

  • ※This is a smartphone app that lets you easily connect to free Wi-Fi.
    By registering with this app, you no longer have to register in each individual area as before.
    A network environment is required to install the app."

Download/register app

  • 1Install the app from the
    AppStore or GooglePlay.

  • 2Launch the app and select
    “Register” .

  • 3Enter the information needed to register the app,
    read the Terms of Use, and select


  • 1Launch the app and select

  • 2Select “To the Internet”.

    You are now connected.

WAKAYAMA FREE Wi-Fi Notes on Use

About security

WAKAYAMA FREE Wi-Fi is available for use to third parties other than the user as a public wireless LAN service. It may be possible for a malicious third party to intentionally intercept radio waves and monitor your personal information (ID, password, credit card number, etc.) as well as your emails and other communications. We ask that each user exercise the necessary judgment, check the device’s security settings, and be responsible when sending important information.

About devices that can be used

WAKAYAMA FREE Wi-Fi can only be used with devices that have been certified to conform to Japanese technical standards. Use of an uncertified device brought in from outside Japan may be a violation of the Radio Law, so please use caution.