Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is WAKAYAMA FREE Wi-Fi?

    This service allows you to connect to the internet for free at sightseeing destinations, restaurants, supermarkets, and other locations throughout Wakayama Prefecture. Anyone can use the service with a Wi-Fi equipped device and a valid email address.

  • How much does it cost?

    Access to the internet is free for everyone. However, the user is responsible for any charges incurred through paid services used on the internet, regardless of the reason.

  • What are the limits on connection times and numbers of connections?

    For connection time of WiFi service
    Up to 4 hours per day
    (15 minutes x16 connections per day)
    Up to 24 hours per day
    (60 minutes x24 connections per day)
    • ※Numbers of connections are not restricted in the event of disaster.
  • What are access points?

    Wireless devices and base stations that are used for connecting to wireless LAN.

  • What is a browser?

    A software application for viewing webpages. Main browsers on PCs include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Browsers generally used on smartphones include Safari on the iPhone and “Browser” or Chrome on Android.

  • How is the number of connections counted?

    It is counted by the number of times you connect, whether from the same location or from separate locations within the prefecture.

  • Where can I use the service?

    At sightseeing facilities and other areas in Wakayama Prefecture.

    Access Points

  • How can I use this service?

    Please see

    How to Use.

  • Are my communications encrypted?

    For greater convenience, communications in the wireless zone (from devices to access points) are not encrypted in this service. Therefore, it is possible that a malicious user may intercept your communications. Please refrain from sending or receiving important information such as passwords or credit card numbers, and take responsibility for necessary security measures before using the service.

  • What is SSID?

    The access point identifier for wireless LAN.

  • What should I do if I reach the limit on connection time or number of connections?

    You can use the service again by validating a separate email address.