Terms of Use

1. Linking to this site

When linking to this website, please read and understand the following cautions and inform us via the following contact information of the contents and address of your website, the fact that you are linking to this website, your name, and contact information.
We may decline the link if the website does not fit with our intentions or if it may possibly harm the trust of the business carried out by the Wakayama Prefecture.


  • When placing a link, please clearly indicate that it is a link to this website or the Wakayama Prefecture website. We will decline links posted in formats that may be mistaken for sources of transmitted information, such as simply linking to data about tourist facilities.
  • We cannot consent to links which are for commercial purposes, such as searching for advertisers or selling products under the claim of being related to the Wakayama Prefecture website, sightseeing information pages, etc.
  • We shall decline links which are displayed in a format by which they appear as part of the website they are linked from including links which display the content of this website combined with other content (so-called “frame links”), even if the content of the website is displayed separately.
  • In addition, in general please refrain from linking methods which may affect the trust of the Wakayama Prefecture.

2. About copyrights

The copyrights of content, images, and other items included in this website belong to the Wakayama Prefecture and the providers of the items. They may not be used by reprinting, reproducing, broadcasting, publically transmitting, translating, selling, or lending them without permission from the Wakayama Prefecture. Copyright issues may also be involved with excerpting or summarizing articles.

3. Inquiries regarding copyright or links

Wakayama Prefecture

4. Disclaimer

The content of websites linked from this website, or of the websites of third parties which link to this website, is managed at the liability of these websites, and is not managed by this website. We take no responsibility for any damages which may be incurred from the usage of these websites.

5. About the handling of private information

This website may collect personal information which is required for responding to inquiries from users regarding this website and providing e-mail transmission services, including name, e-mail address, address, and telephone number. This website shall not share the personal information of users with a third party without the permission of the user.

Range of use

  • This privacy policy applies only to websites managed and operated by the Wakayama Prefecture.